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This Week's RIPPLES Recipients

Michelle Castleman (Clerical –Processing), Sandy Colpean (Clerk), Belinda Johnson (Clerk)

Going way above and beyond your job by helping Collegiate Connection out during a time of overload. We would not have been able to get the work done in time without your help! Thank you so much!! :o)

---Cindy Firestine

Christi Hall – Account Clerk

Thank you so much for helping me beyond your normal job duties.

---Greg Dent

Jamie Sandy – Assistant Director of International Programs

Thank you Jamie for running back to the office to take care of something I forgot to do before I left for the day!!

---Maureen Linvill

Paul Chapman – Computer Technician

Paul came to fix my computer after my office was moved to another space. Not only did he get my computer running again, he reorganized all the cords under and behind my desk so I would not get tangled in them! I truly appreciate his extra effort in making my new work space neat and tidy! Paul's professionalism and service is AWESOME!

---Tina Webber

Maureen Linvill – Assistant Director of International Student Services

I appreciate you for staying in the office to accept my Jimmy Johns and helping the two exchange students yesterday with finding classes.

---Jamie Fleming

Marla Workman – Assistant Director of International Admissions

Staying dedicated to our Fantasy Fitness team, even though you are in India! Good Job Peggy :)

---Jamie Fleming

Hugo A Mata – Student Worker

Taking initiative in our office and always maintaining a positive attitude. Not only does Hugo brighten up the day in our office but he makes sure he does the same with every student he encounters.

---Diana Mejia Bonilla

Paul Houser (Building Services Manager), Jackie Henderson (Custodian), Jonas Espinoza (Custodian)

Paul Houser, Jackie Henderson and Jonas Espinoza are our wonderful night custodial crew in Kettler Hall where my MSW graduate students and I have classes every M/W night. Jackie, Jonas and Paul look out for us, greet us each night with kind and warm collegiality, answer our questions and keep Kettler Hall’s main floor immaculate. A super special team and we are deeply grateful!

---Jan Nes

Maureen Linvill – Assistant Director of International Student Services

You are the MVP of the Office of International Education. Thank you for your assistance with on campus duties while I have been traveling abroad for recruitment, not to mention all you do for the international students on campus on the daily!!

---Marla Workman

Joanne Blosser – Secretary

For creating a warm, inviting CSD Open House. It was so uplifting to see the department look nice and have everyone gathered to just focus on enjoying each other’s company and celebrate all the good things the department has done through the years. Without you it wouldn’t have happened.

---Stacy Betz

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