Human Resources and Office of Institutional Equity

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This Week's RIPPLES Recipients

Ann Marshall – Assistant Librarian

Deb Haley – Library Assistant

Joyce Saltsman – Circulation Manager

Kathleen Burke – Library Assistant

Graham Fredrick – Library Assistant

Thank you so much to the amazing (and patient) Helmke library personnel, in particular Ann Marshall, Deb Haley, Joyce Saltsman, Kathleen Burke, Graham Fredrick, for all their help, support, and patience during the weeks leading up to the March 2 IU book deadline. While we are losing irreplaceable resources, I am grateful that we still get to keep our awesome librarians and staff.

---Ann Livschiz

Faith Bell – Clerk

Faith, you do an amazing job of getting the students the information they need by asking great questions. Thank you for taking the initiative to go above and beyond to lend a helping and keep learning.

---Nicole Trice

Kris Kampfe – Student Financial Services Assistant

Kris, thank you for volunteering to help with any project! Your willingness to dig in and get the job done shows great team spirit and it is appreciated. You are very knowledgeable, and yet still take the initiative continue to grow. You are appreciated!

---Nicole Trice

Cynthia Eckert – ESC Advisor

Cynthia, you are one of the first people in and always do a great job of taking care of the emails. Thank you for taking the initiative to get the students questions answered quickly. You ask great questions. You are appreciated.

---Nicole Trice

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