Marketing Communications

Trademarks and NCAA Requirements

There must be no violation of NCAA regulations. For clarification and interpretation of NCAA requirements, please contact the IPFW Athletics Director of Compliance or the Assistant Athletic Director–Media Services.

2012–13 NCAA Division I Manual states: Recruiting Advertisements. The publication of advertising or promotional material, by or on behalf of a member institution, designed to solicit the enrollment of a prospective student-athlete is not permitted, except as provided in Bylaw Accordingly, a member institution may not buy or arrange to have space in game programs or other printed materials published to provide information concerning the athletics participation or evaluation of prospective student-athletes (e.g., recruiting publications) for any purpose whatsoever, including advertisements, a listing of prospective or enrolled student-athletes who will attend the institution, and informative materials related to the institution. [D] (Revised: 4/28/05 effective 8/1/05) Nonathletics Institutional Advertisements. An institution (or a third party acting on behalf of the institution) may publish nonathletics institutional advertisements or promotional material (e.g., use of signage, booths, kiosks, and distribution of printed materials] at high school or two-year college athletics events provided: [D] (Adopted: 4/28/05 effective 8/1/05)

(a) The funds generated by the advertisements or promotional materials are not used for the high school or two-year college’s athletics program;

(b) The institution’s athletics department is not involved in the advertisement or promotional activities;

(c) The advertisements or promotional materials do not contain athletics information (unless as noted in Bylaw 13.4.1-(e); and 

(d) The institution documents the cost of the advertising and promotional activities.

(2012-13 NCAA Division I Manual, July 2012 Effective August 1, 2012
Bylaws 13.4.3,,