Marketing Communications

All licensed goods and services for sale to the public are subject to a royalty. The royalty rate is determined by IPFW and is subject to change by IPFW. The IPFW Office of the Comptroller or IPFW’s authorized licensing agent(s) administers the royalty policy.

IPFW Marketing Communications or the Office of the Comptroller may grant exemptions from royalty payments in the following situations on a case-by case basis:

  • Items purchased by IPFW for its use (“internal consumption”). This includes items purchased for conferences and university-sponsored events. Also included are promotional items that are given away by IPFW departments. A registered licensee must produce these items unless an exception is granted by IPFW Marketing Communications, IPFW Purchasing Department, or the IPFW Office of the Comptroller.
  • Items purchased by IPFW student organizations for official fundraising purposes, approved by the IPFW Dean of Students.
  • Items purchased by non-IPFW philanthropic groups for fundraising purposes. IPFW Marketing and Creative Services will provide licensed manufacturers with written notification that these goods are exempted from royalty payments. IPFW Marketing Communications will provide written permission if an unlicensed manufacturer produces any of these goods. All other provisions of this policy regarding Trademarks apply to items that are exempt from royalty payments.

Royalties generated by the licensing program are disbursed at the discretion of the IPFW Office of the Comptroller.