Marketing Communications

IPFW Logo/Marks

The university logo(s) is the primary visual symbol of the IPFW identity and is consistently placed on all IPFW communications/ marketing materials, including merchandise and promotional items. The IPFW logo(s) provides immediate recognition of the university's leadership in higher education in northeast Indiana.

The purpose of outlining IPFW logo usage and appropriate vs. inappropriate use is to establish a consistent application of the university identity and logos across all communication channels. Communication materials and tools with a coherent, consistent look and feel are critical to building a solid identity.

Appropriate application of IPFW logos is equally important—the IPFW logo(s) acts as a form of endorsement and quality. Applying the IPFW logo implies a high level of responsibility and credibility. Information contained and conveyed in university communications ensures the university’s mission, vision, values, and goals are being upheld. Anyone using or applying IPFW logos must understand the level of responsibility and obligation associated with this use.